8 Awesome Tips For Baking and Cooking with Rum

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Enjoying a cocktail after a long day can be the perfect way to relax for many. Of the countless options for liquor, rum has remained a crowd favorite and seems to be only growing in popularity, specifically in regards to baking and cooking.

Many people that drink and cook with rum may not be up to speed on the two main types of rum and how they are used in various recipes. These two types of rum then spark an important question: Can you substitute dark for light rum? The answer is multifaceted and may surprise you. Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about rum in order to make the perfect dish.

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Can You Substitute Dark Rum For Light Rum?

The simple answer is yes – with some caveats. In most recipes, dark rum can be easily substituted for light rum by adjusting the measurements. Since dark rum is usually a bit stronger and more potent than light rum, you’ll likely need to adjust the amounts accordingly. This swap will have a large impact if you are baking or cooking something where the color or the alcohol content will directly impact the end result. If this is the case, dark rum is typically used as it contains a darker color and more flavor than light rum.

The dish will likely turn out similar if you are making this substitution, however, it should be noted that the flavor may be slightly off depending on what you are preparing. Light rums are not as popular in baking, though both will do the trick and can make for fabulous and flavorful dishes.

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Can I Substitute Dark Rum For Spiced Rum?

Dark rums are usually aged for a longer period of time, giving them a much richer flavor and an aroma that is distinctly stronger than regular white or light rums. Luckily, spiced rums are fairly similar in this way and the two can be fairly easily interchanged.

Spiced rum is going to give your dish a sweeter flavor which can be a great addition for baking. Spiced rum usually also has notes of vanilla that can be a nice pairing for certain dishes. You can absolutely substitute dark rum for spiced rum if you think that spiced rum will compliment your recipe. This can be a fun way to play around with flavors and find out what will go best with your other ingredients.

Is Bacardi Good For Baking?

Bacardi is a popular brand of rum that can be found in many recipes. Bacardi is one of the most popular brands of rum that is delicious to drink both straight from the bottle or on the rocks. Bacardi is used for cooking and baking as well, though it is likely not the top choice for baking compared to the other options on the market.

This powerful liquor contains a high alcohol content which makes it ideal for many recipes, though baking connoisseurs would likely go a different route when picking ingredients. Bacardi rum comes in both light and gold colors so you can tailor your choice to how you want your creation to look and taste. Bacardi typically does not get very dark when used in baking like a traditional dark rum would which can deter some who may be looking for that iconic coloring. Nonetheless, Bacardi is a good choice if you’re unsure of where to start and can be a good addition to your baking dish.

Dark Or Light Rum For Rum Cake?

One of the most classic ways that dark rum is used is in making rum cake. This delicious dessert is a favorite for many people and is known for its dark color and round shape, unlike standard sheet cakes. Surprisingly, many people are not aware that there is actually rum in rum cake. The rum gives the cake its moist, rich flavor that melts in your mouth and gives it its signature taste that is hard to miss.

Dark rum is typically used for traditional rum cakes as it holds the deepest flavor and will stand out a bit more than a light rum which may lose its punch in the baking process. Color plays a large role in traditional rum cakes and is what makes them easily identifiable. Dark rum will give the cake its rich dark coloring which can be a sign of a great rum cake and is essential for many bakers.

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What Are Some Of The Best Rum Brands To Use For Rum Cake?

If you are looking for rum to use in your baking recipes, there are many top notch brands to choose from. When picking your brand of rum, you will want to make sure that it is high quality and ready to be used straight from the bottle. Some brands of rum that are well known both for drinking and baking are Captain Morgan, Sailor Jerry, Bacardi Gold, Brugal Gold and more.

These brands are household names and all are great choices for rum cake. Captain Morgan is arguably one of the most recognized and popularized brands on the market that has remained a favorite of many for years. Since your rum cake will be mixed with many other flavors, the brand of rum you get isn’t too crucial as long as it is good quality. Baking can also be a good time to experiment with other brands that you may not have tried before.

Where Can I Buy Rum For Baking?

Purchasing rum for your baking recipes is quite easy and these liquors can be picked up at any grocery store. Essentially anywhere that you would normally buy alcohol, you can buy your baking rum. Most avid bakers will keep some rum on hand for various recipes so that it is ready to go when they are ready to bake.

Rum is easily accessible to buy at any liquor store and you don’t need to purchase a specific kind just for baking or cooking. If you are looking to take things up a notch, you can also add rum extract which can be found in most baking isles of the grocery store as well as online marketplaces. While rum extract is not necessary for a great baking dish, this is a great additive to have on hand to make your finished product that much better.

What Kind Of Rum Do You Use For Fruit Cake?

Knowing what version of rum to use in a recipe can be very important if you are looking for your finished dish to turn out well. When making baking something a little more complex like a fruit cake, it is important to get the right ingredients so that they don’t alter the end product.

Most fruit cake recipes call for dark rum because it will give the cake its rich dark coloring. Fruit cake is known similarly to rum cake for its dark color to offset the bright and vibrant bits of fruit sprinkled throughout. A rich dark rum will really make your dish pop and give it a finished look. Light rum can be used in fruit cakes as well to achieve a similar taste without the traditional coloring. At the end of the day, this is largely up to personal preference if you want to mix it up.

Cooking Meat With Rum

If you are cooking meat and looking to add just the right taste to it, you can use rum as a marinade, if done properly. When combining rum and your meat of choice, this is a great way to add an interesting flavor profile to the dish. It is very important to cook off the alcohol first before marinating. If the alcohol is not cooked off, it will simply coat the meat and prevent it from cooking evenly and thoroughly.

This is one of the most common mistakes when cooking with rum that many overlook and can ruin your dish. Spiced rum is going to be the best kind of alcohol to use for this as it has that sweet flavor that will mix well with most meats. Similar to the other recipes we have discussed, this is a fun way to play with flavor and really tailor a dish to your preferences.

Final Round

When cooking and baking with rum, it is important to know what kind of rum you are getting and how to use it properly. Using the right rum will really make the dish pop and draw out the flavors that you are looking for. Once you understand the differences between dark and light rums, you will be able to get more creative with your dishes and have better results. Remember that color and flavor are the two main differences between these very popular versions of rum. Having a better understanding of dark and light rums will also enhance your drinking experience the next time you’re out enjoying a cocktail. Be sure to impress your friends and family with your newfound knowledge of rum.