Is Tequila and Coca-Cola (Coke) Good?

Is Tequila and Coca-Cola (Coke) Good?
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While many around the world have experienced and enjoyed the flavors of Coca-Cola, or Coke, and tequila separately, one may wonder if the combination of these two drinks yields a delicious result as well. The answer to that question is a matter of preference, but to the degree that it matters, many people do in fact enjoy this combination. The most popular iteration of this combination may be in the form of The Batanga, a drink created in the 1960s by mixing tequila, Coca-Cola, and a bit of lime.

What is Tequila and Coke Called? Where Did It Originate?

Most frequently, a tequila and Coke cocktail is called Batanga. Its origins are most credibly stated as coming out of Tequila, Mexico, which is an hour outside Guadalajara in the state of Jalisco. Most duly credit Don Javier Delgado Corona, a Mexican restaurateur and owner of La Capilla (“The Chapel), with the creation of Batanga.

Corona, who was a Catholic, began bartending in 1945 and was a legend in the Tequila community, running one of the city’s oldest bars. Corona made Batanga popular, typically mixing the drink with a massive wooden-handled knife! He passed away in early 2020.

What is Tequila and How Is It Made?

Tequila is an alcoholic beverage made from distilling the fermented sugars from the blue agave plant, most commonly found in Mexico.

The process of taking the blue agave plant and turning it into the tequila beverage we know today can be quite intense. First, the large blue agave plant is cut and harvested before being baked to make turning its contents into a pulp easier. Once agave has been made into a pulp, its juices are extracted and cooked before fermentation, usually in large wooden barrels. Once the barrels have been aged to the desired outcome, the tequila is distilled for consumption.

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Tequila and Coke Cocktail Recipes

For the original recipe of Batanga, as closely as one can get, it is as simple as tequila (specifically blanco (white) or unaged), Coca Cola, lime, and a salt rim. The salt is optional, but for a recipe to serve up a small party of Batanga, consider a higher volume recipe. Although, you may want to pass on using a giant knife like Corona used to mix the drink! He was probably a bit more adventurous and had more skill than most people.

Another version of the Batanga is called the Charro Negro, its own iteration of the Cuba Libre drink, traditionally a rum and Coke that substitutes the rum with tequila. This drink does not require a highball glass like Batanga, and ice may be added at the drinker’s discretion.

What Tequila Brands are the Best to Mix with Coke?

There does not appear to be any consensus on which brands best mix with Coke, as recipes and drinkers have expressed using a wide variety, from Patron Silver Blanco to Hornitos Plata. A white tequila appears to be the most common denominator amongst recipes, although this may be entirely up to the tequila drinker’s regular preferences.

We’ve all seen the unique bottle of Patron Silver Blanco as it sits on the shelf of our favorite bar. Known as one of the world’s best premium tequila brands, Patron can be used for sipping straight or on the rocks. And it is a well-known favorite to mix into cocktails, like Batanga.

Another brand of tequila that can be used to make Batanga is Hornitos Plata. This clear tequila has floral, fruit, herbal, and citrus notes.

Can I mix Tequila with Sprite and Other Sodas?

Tequila can be mixed with other sodas, such as Sprite and other light-colored beverages. The most popular way to create a Sprite and Tequila cocktail is to mix as a margarita. 7UP is another soda alternative to Sprite, although there are even some recipes that include Mountain Dew.

Sprite and tequila are a great mix because the flavors of the lemon-lime and agave complement each other nicely.

Other Soda and Tequila Cocktail Recipes

If you would believe it, Martha Stewart has a recipe for tequila and club soda in which Sprite could be substituted for the club soda easily. It is called a Tequila Touchdown. This particular cocktail would be a delight at dinner parties, or as in its name, football-themed get-togethers.

A much less complex soda and tequila drink would be the Tequila Slammer, which only requires one part tequila and one part ginger ale.

Tequila can be mixed with various other beverages outside of soda, most of them light, and with some citrus-flavored drink, like orange juice or lemonade, to complement the agave.

What Other Alcohol is Good with Coke?

Coca-Cola is an incredibly popular mixer with many different alcohols out there. The most popular of these is probably a classic rum and Coke. This traditional drink is a common beverage at most bars and simple to order.

Some of the best rums for rum and Coke include Bacardi Superior and Captain Morgan. Light or white rums are great because they are easy to drink and have a great sweetness.

Depending on what country you are in, and what parts of that country, Coke and whiskey is also a very popular drink. But Coke may be king of mixers when it comes to alcohol, as you can a bevy of drinks made with Coke and vodka, rum, bourbon, whiskey, and as you well know, tequila.

Final Round

While the Batanga and Charro Negro are classics in their own right, the key to delivering delicious tequila drinks of this nature has largely to do with the quality of tequila used, which is certainly a matter of personal preference in itself. Cheers to your next tequila and Coke adventures.

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