14 Smoothest Rums For Beginners

14 smoothest rums for beginners

Rum has started to gain a lot of attention lately, becoming a new ‘it-drink’ and undoubtedly one of the best spirits you are going to taste after reading about the smoothest rums. The homeplace of rum is the Caribbean and has been notoriously linked to the drink of pirates. Rum is a spirit that is … Read more

How Is Gin Different From Other White Spirits?

how is gin different from other white spirits

Gin is very different from vodka and white rum and any other white spirits. Gin is a great choice for people who are interested in experimenting with different cocktails that they can feel good about drinking. The main ingredients of gin and how it is made make the drink very distinct from vodka or white … Read more

Can You Cook With Whiskey? (5 Awesome Tips)

Can You Cook With Whiskey? (5 Awesome Tips)

Whiskey is a fan favorite liquor that can be enjoyed on the rocks, neat, or in a mixed drink on a night out. Many tend to overlook that whiskey is actually extremely versatile and can be used in many cooking recipes as well, not just as a beverage. Cooking with whiskey can be a lot … Read more

8 Awesome Tips For Baking and Cooking with Rum

cooking and baking with rum

Enjoying a cocktail after a long day can be the perfect way to relax for many. Of the countless options for liquor, rum has remained a crowd favorite and seems to be only growing in popularity, specifically in regards to baking and cooking. Many people that drink and cook with rum may not be up … Read more

Does Rum Go Bad After Opening? (How Long It Keeps)

does rum go bad after opening

Rum is a distilled spirit that is made from sugarcane molasses and sugarcane juice. Rum is typically around 40% alcohol by volume extremely popular in cocktails and mixed drinks. When purchasing a bottle of rum, it is usually around 750 ml. If kept in a cool, dry, and dark area, an unopened bottle of rum … Read more

Does Coffee Liqueur Have Caffeine?

Coffee liqueur is great either straight or mixed into a delicious cocktail. One of the most famous coffee liqueurs includes Kahlua, which originates from Mexico. You might be wondering if it has a ton of caffeine, and can that amount keep you awake like traditional coffee. In general, there is about 10 mg of caffeine … Read more

Is Rum Made All Over the World?

Rum is a delicious distilled spirit and is typically mixed with other beverages to make various cocktails. When we think of rum, we envision tropical regions mostly in the Caribbean. We also think of pirates and Jack Sparrow drinking rum on huge ships sailing across the sea. While rum is mostly associated with Caribbean countries … Read more