Can You Cook and Bake with Gin? (6 Awesome Tips)

can you cook and bake with gin

Gin is flavored with juniper berries, orange peels, and coriander seeds, and distilled in a pot still. Because of its unique flavor profile, there are many ways to use it for cooking or baking. If you want to know the answer to whether or not you can cook with gin, read on. Can you use … Read more

Can You Cook With Whiskey? (5 Awesome Tips)

Can You Cook With Whiskey? (5 Awesome Tips)

Whiskey is a fan favorite liquor that can be enjoyed on the rocks, neat, or in a mixed drink on a night out. Many tend to overlook that whiskey is actually extremely versatile and can be used in many cooking recipes as well, not just as a beverage. Cooking with whiskey can be a lot … Read more

7 Amazing Tips For Baking With Whiskey

Amazing tips for baking with whiskey

Whiskey is a delicious beverage that many people enjoy in a variety of ways. Most people tend to overlook that one of the best uses for whiskey is in baking. Maybe you have a bottle of whiskey that’s been collecting dust in your cabinet and you’re not sure how to put it to use. Baking … Read more

8 Awesome Tips For Baking and Cooking with Rum

cooking and baking with rum

Enjoying a cocktail after a long day can be the perfect way to relax for many. Of the countless options for liquor, rum has remained a crowd favorite and seems to be only growing in popularity, specifically in regards to baking and cooking. Many people that drink and cook with rum may not be up … Read more