Does Whiskey Stain? (Don’t Spill It but If You Do, Will It Stain?)

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Whiskey can stain many things but it all depends on what it has landed on and the object’s properties to be able to find the right solution for stain removal. So this article will help you find the right solutions to whiskey staining plus much more interesting facts you may not know about whiskey.

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Does whiskey stain clothes?

Absolutely! Whiskey can stain clothing, and cloth happens to be the one thing whiskey absorbs into quickly. The good news is with a little patience there’s always a solution to help remove such stains as long as you know what to do and where to look.

Removing whiskey stains from cotton clothing

The key here is soaking. You will need 1-quart lukewarm water and one half teaspoon liquid hand soap for washing dishes, and one-half teaspoon of white vinegar. Then let the garment soak for at least fifteen minutes. Afterward, rinse and gently sponge with rubbing alcohol using a circular motion and radiating outward from the center of the stain. Let sit for 10 minutes. Now wash as instructed by tag.

Removing whiskey stains from polyester mix blend cloth

The good news is that it is much easier to clean polyester blend clothing than cotton. All you need to do is pre-treat using your choice of laundry detergent 10 minutes before washing and then wash the stained item as normal using hot water for light-colored or bright-colored clothing. Wash in warm water for dark or hand wash items.

Does whiskey stain carpets or rugs?

It is easy to accidentally spill some whiskey onto carpets or rugs. So you need to make sure that you clean up the stain as soon as possible.

Cleaning whiskey stains from carpet

With carpets, it’s best to take the spray bottle approach and mix one tablespoon of white vinegar with two-thirds cup rubbing alcohol with one and a half cups hot water. Spray the stain on the carpet and blot with a dry towel. Repeat steps until stain is clean.

Cleaning whiskey stains from rugs

Whether you have a traditional rug or a microfiber rug, this mixture is pretty universal. For wide stains, you can use a spray bottle to make a mixture of 1 tablespoon white vinegar and two-thirds cup rubbing alcohol mixed into one and a half cups of warm to hot water, depending on fiber type and color.

Whiskey stains on couches

If you happen to spill whiskey on your couch, try some of the methods mentioned above depending on the material of your couch. Best if you try it out on small part of the couch to make sure that the solution doesn’t make it worse.

Does whiskey stain teeth?

Whiskey stains on regular teeth

Your teeth can certainly be stained by whiskey which has some of the same properties as coffee. Whiskey stains on teeth are not as easy to get out as it is on synthetic teeth or polymer dentures but there is a solution.

Toothpaste with charcoal has a natural exfoliant and is a whitener that works well on whiskey staining. However, if you aren’t fond of using charcoal toothpaste, then baking soda is the next best thing, either already in a toothpaste tube or by itself mixed with a little bit of water and made into a paste. Both options are fine.

Whiskey stains on dentures and partials – polymer or porcelain

Dentures and partials of both the polymer and the porcelain variety are easier to clean because you can take them out and let them soak submerged in Efferdent or any other common brand of store bought denture cleaner.

Just make sure it’s at least warm water that you submerge them inside for at least three hours to let the cleaner absorb the stain and work more effectively. If store-bought cleaners are not to your liking, then regular or charcoal toothpaste will do the trick.

Whiskey as a home remedy might stain your teeth

This might come as a surprise to you but whiskey has been used as an old remedy to help with a toothache. Medical-grade alcohol has medicinal value and is a great natural way to disinfect and kill germs.

If you’ve listened to grandma, supposedly soaking a cotton ball in some whiskey, scotch, or vodka and placing it on a tooth in the area that is giving you the trouble with pain will kill germs numb the area surrounding it.

Just remember that whiskey and dark-colored liqueurs can stain your teeth, and whiskey is not a substitute for medical treatment. As soon as you can, it is best to have tooth pain managed in the problem area and treated by a doctor or dentist.

Can you use whiskey as a stain for wood?

There is a large demand for natural staining. It’s become popular for things like birdhouses and feeders. Some naturalists and purists prefer natural coloring and finish. Most forms of alcohol that are dark in color including wine and dark-colored liqueur are great staining agents. Beer is considered one as well. (The smell of beer as it dries is what is normally frowned upon.)

If this is an option you’re thinking about trying, it is best to try the whiskey stain on a small part of the furniture (like a spot where nobody would see it). Then let the staining dry to see if it is the color you want.

Taking rum or bourbon and staining things like coffee tables and bed stands have been customary for centuries as staining mediums. The natural colors and beauty of alcohol stained wood when finished is desired amongst some Amish and country antique collectors.

You can try different shades of whiskey (dark or light) to determine the best shade for your furniture.

Can you get whiskey stains out of wood?

The easy answer is to this is that you can get whiskey stains out of wood. There are many factors to consider. How long was the whiskey left sitting there? What kind of wood and what kind of finish also has to be considered.

The good news is that if you have not had the stain on for very long, you can use things like mineral spirits or rubbing alcohol. However, if you have had the stain on there let’s say overnight, then the best thing to use is toothpaste! It sounds silly, right? But many have discovered the wonder of toothpaste and its abrasive qualities.

That’s not all toothpaste is good for either. Most people swear it removes small scratches and nicks out of car paint also. I could write a whole article on what uses toothpaste has and what it is good for besides brushing your teeth.

Again, try the solution (mineral spirits, rubbing alcohol, or toothpaste) out on a small part of the wood that nobody will see, like underneath the wood, to determine if it will make the wood look worse. This will help determine which method will work to get rid of the whiskey stain.

How to remove whiskey stains from glass and crystal

Whiskey can stain just about anything including glass and crystal decanters that they are contained in. Luckily they make whiskey decanter steel balls for this particular job.

These steel balls use friction when places in the container and mixed with water to remove tough whiskey stains by swirling them around in a gentle circle for two-to-five minutes depending on how bad the stain is.

Stainless steel balls is what the normal whiskey decanter bottle cleaners are made of but some novelty and gifting whiskey decanter balls have been made of frosted glass and crystal. No matter what the decanter cleaning balls are made of, they all clean using the same principle and are an easy way to clean whiskey stains in tough to clean areas of glass or crystal.

Check out the article How Do Whiskey Decanter Cleaning Beads Work? for more information on how to use these decanter cleaning beads.

Is it just whiskey that can stain?

Absolutely not. Many alcohols can stain and stain a wide variety of things, including wooden tables, clothes, and caulking or grout. This can be especially true for alcohols like red wine. But beer is also a large culprit, and any dark-colored liqueurs and some mixers that have dyes blended into them for coloring, like margarita mixes.

Bonus question: How do I remove the whiskey smell from my stuff?

Whiskey wherever you spill it, whether on clothing or on your car seat can have a powerful pungent smell. Though the smell dissipates over time there are things you can do to get it to go away faster.

Regular cleaning products alone are not enough sometimes. Rubbing alcohol mixed with white vinegar is the popular method for removing alcohol stains but each carries in its own right a potent smell that most people don’t relish the thought of smelling either. So if you don’t like replacing one smell for the other then there is a secret to removing the alcohol smell. It’s heat.

Heat is the best and fastest way in order to get rid of the unwanted smell of whiskey. Opening windows is always nice but at times when that option is not available to you then I suggest using a hairdryer. The faster it dries out the faster the smell will be gone.

Caution: Please do not blow a steady stream of heat from the hairdryer when drying up the stain. Be sure to wave it a bit or go in circles. By directing the heat around you are less likely to burn your carpet or catch something on fire. Be careful and enjoy using these tips.

Final Round

Whiskey can stain a lot of different things, from clothes, to carpets and rugs, and even teeth. It can even stain things like furniture. There are some tricks to help clean up the stains and salvage your things.

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