Does Coffee Liqueur Have Caffeine?

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Coffee liqueur is great either straight or mixed into a delicious cocktail. One of the most famous coffee liqueurs includes Kahlua, which originates from Mexico. You might be wondering if it has a ton of caffeine, and can that amount keep you awake like traditional coffee.

In general, there is about 10 mg of caffeine per 100 ml or 4.85 mg in each 1.5 oz. in popular coffee liqueur brands like Kahlua. Considering that it is made out of coffee, it is bound to have some caffeine but is still a rather low amount compared to certain coffee brands that could be triple that amount of natural caffeine.

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How Coffee Liqueur Is Made is Unique to Each Brand

Just like coffee itself, coffee liqueur comes from all around the world. And each is made differently depending on the type of alcohol and coffee used.

The basic ingredients are:

  • Water
  • Liqueur, like rum, tequila and vodka
  • White sugar
  • Brown sugar
  • Coffee beans and/or coffee flavoring
  • Vanilla beans and an assortment of added flavors and fruit
  • Chocolate syrup and/or cocoa powder

Does Coffee Liqueur Keep You Awake?

Because coffee liqueur is made with coffee it does have a minute amount of caffeine in the area of around 10 mg per 100 ml, but that is not going to be able to affect your sleep patterns if you’re just going to enjoy a simple nightcap or a spiked coffee before venturing to bed.

However, 20 shots of anything coffee related and you might have a bigger problem going to bed. Just like anything else, you want to practice moderation and caution when consuming any beverage with alcohol inside of it.

Does the Caffeine or Alcohol in Coffee Liqueur Evaporate When Used for Baking?

The answer is yes and no.

Caffeine is crystalline in structure, kind of like sugar. So when you bake using coffee, the water will cookout, but it will leave the coffee flavoring and caffeine behind in crystal form since caffeine does not denature. It will also not break down at the boiling point of water either.

As for the alcohol baking out and evaporating when cooked, you might be surprised to know the answer.

According to the Department of Agriculture Nutrient Data, their labs have officially confirmed that the longer you cook alcohol the more it evaporates and burns off. That’s no surprise but what is the surprising part about burning alcohol off is the amount of time it would actually take you to burn all of the alcohol.

It would take an average of at least three hours! They also added that food baked or simmered in alcohol would, in fact, still retain 40% of its alcohol content!

Does Coffee Liqueur Need Refrigeration?

Here is some really great news.

Even with cream, coffee liqueur does not necessarily need refrigeration and will keep at room temperature after being opened anywhere from 12-18 months! However, it is recommended that coffee liqueur be served cold or over ice, and if you ever notice a smell that is off or not fresh, then throw the bottle out.

It is always better to be cautious when it comes to what we consume or ingest at all times.

Many well-known coffee and alcohol brands make awesome coffee liqueurs. Most people like Kahlua based on the fact that it can be found in so many establishments. Coffee liqueurs also have different amounts of sugar, making certain types like Kahlua sweeter than others. gives some great suggestions on which coffee liqueurs to try.

  • Mr. Black Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur was cited as the best overall coffee liqueur
  • Leopold Bros. Coffee Liqueur was said to be best for making a Black Russian.
  • Tina Maria takes the lead for making a White Russian.
  • St George Nola Coffee Liqueur is made with New Orleans Chicory Root Java and can be used for an amazing assortment of cocktail recipes.
  • Patron XO Cafe – made with tequila and surprisingly smooth sipped straight or with ice.
  • Jägermeister Cold Brew Coffee – made from the famous Germany-based herbal liqueur

What Are The Best Cocktails To Make Using Coffee Liqueur ?

  • White Russian
  • Black Russian
  • Bourbon Lift
  • Nola Nog
  • Old Fashioned Bourbon Coffee
  • Hot Totty
  • Long Island Iced Coffee

Final Round

Coffee liqueur does not have much caffeine, so it may not keep you wide awake, depending on your sensitivity. Nevertheless, it is great to enjoy either straight, over ice or mixed into your favorite cocktail.

While Kahlua is one of the most popular coffee liqueurs out there, other options are made with various distilled spirits instead of rum that will give the drink a unique flavor profile.