15 Awesome Items To Add To Your Whiskey Den

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A whiskey den can be a great place to relax and enjoy your favorite type of whiskey. But what should you have in your den to make it the perfect place for enjoying this distilled spirit? Here are 15 items that every whiskey lover should add to their den.

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Wall Hooks Made from Whiskey Barrel Parts

Another excellent way to create a unique item for your whiskey den is by adding wall hooks that use parts of whiskey barrels, like the staves or the covers. While these are great for hanging coats and hats, they also add a little bit of class to your den. Plus, they’re incredibly easy to hang and can really make a room pop.

Whiskey Signs or Wall Art

Whiskey signs are unique items that make for excellent conversation pieces. They’re also an easy way to add some character to your den by adding a bit of humor or wit. Plus, they could even be personalized making them feel more special and one of a kind. You can find these types of signs in a variety of different styles and themes which means there’s a little bit of something for everyone.

Personally, signs from famous brands like Maker’s Mark or Jack Daniels add a sense of style to any whiskey den.

Wall art is a wonderful way to add a personalized touch to your den without it feeling cluttered or tacky. Regardless if you have a large, open space or small cramped den these types of pieces are excellent ways to express yourself without feeling too personal.

Personalized Flask

Whiskey flasks are great collectibles that can be personalized for that extra touch. There’s no better way to say “this is mine” than by having your name or initials on a flask to serve as a constant reminder of why you added it to your collection. Plus, if nothing else, it means that if someone ever tries to take it, you’ll know who took it because your name is engraved on it. Learn more about flasks in our article Does Whiskey in a Flask Go Bad?

Decorative Bottle Opener

Decorative bottle openers are among the most popular items purchased in liquor stores but unfortunately, they aren’t always made to be display pieces. Fortunately, there are plenty of unique ways to display them so they feel less like clutter and more like an elegant addition to your bar. Some can be mounted to the wall or on your bar, while others are fancy enough to be held in their own holders.

Unique Crystal Glasses

Whiskey is meant to be enjoyed in crystal glass to best bring out its flavors and aromas. The only thing you should avoid is drinking whiskey out of a plastic cup. Plastic doesn’t let the whiskey breathe and will only serve to ruin your experience. Adding unique glasses to your bar is a good way to make it feel like your own.

Whiskey Barrel Furniture

Whiskey barrels are great furniture pieces that can make your den feel like a speakeasy or maybe even an old western saloon. If you’re lucky enough to find one of these treasures then you’ll want to find a place to put it. These can be used as tables, chairs, bars, and anything else you’re imagination desires. Like we mentioned above, a whiskey barrel tray to holder your decanter is an awesome option.

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Whiskey Barrel Side Table

While chairs and bars made from whiskey barrels are great, a whiskey barrel side table is one of the more unique den additions out there today and while it may not suit every person’s tastes, it certainly does wonders in terms of making your den feel like a man cave. There are a number of different styles, shapes, and designs to choose from so you shouldn’t have any problem finding one that suits your tastes.

Decorative Whiskey Bottle Collection

Decorative whiskey bottles can go a long way in terms of adding to your collection and decorating the room around you. These types of bottles come in all shapes and sizes which gives them excellent flexibility as far as fitting into your den. After you’ve finished a bottle, why not put them in a row on a shelf to show off?

Wooden Shelves To Show off Your Bottle Collection

If you have a whiskey bottle collection you want to show off, consider wooden racks. These are a great way to store your empty whiskey glass bottles. These racks typically use a dowel to keep the bottles standing straight up and down. This solution is great to add to your whiskey den.

Ice Ball Maker

Some say that ice cubes can ruin their whiskey experience. While this isn’t entirely true, ice balls do make the drink less watered down and let it stay colder longer making for a better tasting experience overall. This fun and unique way to enjoy whiskey is becoming more popular and you can find ice ball makers in most major department stores.

Whiskey Decanter

Whiskey decanters are great tools for turning your house into your own speakeasy. This unique way of serving up whiskey adds an element of class that makes it perfect for the den. You can find decanters in a variety of different styles and colors. Plus it’s always fun to play bartender and pour your friends a drink for them for this reason, if nothing else… you should always have a decanter or two on hand.

Whiskey Decanter Tray or Box

This is one of the best ways to keep your new $100+ decanter safe while adding something unique to your den! These will serve as an incredibly unique decor item. Of course, you can add your crystal glasses to the tray too. A lot of places sell whiskey barrel tops as trays, so go ahead and grab one for your whiskey den.

Whiskey boxes, or even wine boxes if you can’t find whiskey-branded boxes, are wonderful decorative items that can be used for storing almost anything. If you enjoy showing off your new decanters then you’ll want to find a box to put it in so they don’t get broken or damaged. These boxes can be customized to personal taste and come in a variety of different sizes depending on your needs.

Personalized Decorative Plate

Decorative plates are the perfect little accent pieces that can really give some personality to your den. While the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” may be overused, it’s definitely true in this case. Some of the most interesting decorative plates are personalized by their owners which makes them feel special and unique.

Whiskey Collection

This one should be obvious. Whiskey collections are wonderful conversation pieces that are unique to each individual. If you enjoy collecting, then having a number of different whiskeys can be fun but it’s also great for showing off to friends and family if they ever stop by. Whiskey bottles come in all shapes, sizes, prices, and qualities which make them excellent for showing off taste, class, and sophistication.

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Whiskey Cork Collection or Corkboard

After you’ve finished off a bottle you can add the cork to a large glass bowl. This is a great yet simple idea that will make your den look fantastic.

A corkboard is an easy way to display your collection of pictures, signs or other whiskey-related memorabilia.

Final Round

And there you have it – these are some of the best items to add to your whiskey den or personal mancave. With so many different solutions, you should definitely be able to find one that’s both aesthetically pleasing and practical for your situation. Whether you’re hoping to impress your guests or simply keep your whiskey safe and ready for the next time you want a taste, these solutions are the best to help ensure that you are able to enjoy your collection of whiskey safely and have it be presentable.